Boulevard Commercial Real Estate Services - Kansas City, MO


Full-Service Brokerage

  • Owner’s representation
  • Buyer’s representation
  • Investment sales
  • Property marketing
  • Property assemblage

Planning & Design

  • Conceptual master planning
  • Re-zoning approvals
  • Architectural management
  • Civil engineering management
  • Landscape design and construction management

Land Entitlements

  • Land Use approvals
  • Site plan approvals
  • Re-zoning approvals
  • Neighborhood meetings
  • Municipal meetings
  • Municipal submittals and construction permitting

Land Fund

  • Create wealth for our partners by transforming agriculture zoned land in the path of development
  • Experts in securing municipal entitlements and identifying properties that are desirable to developers of all industry sectors
  • Manage the properties, obtain municipal entitlements, and market the specific land use approvals to developers and builders

Owner's Representation & Fee Development

  • Securing land, permits and financial incentives for the project.
  • Ensuring the project complies with local and municipal requirements.
  • Fielding request for proposals, bids and hiring vendors such as contractors, engineers, and architecture firms.
  • Managing the project budget and schedules, including all sub-budgets and sub-project schedules.

Construction Management

  • Turn-key solutions
  • Single point of management
  • Construction schedules and budgets
  • Facilitate design process and approvals
  • Conduct on-site management
  • Manage sub-contractors, municipal and utility representatives
  • Maintain quality control standards
  • Accounting